Monday, March 11, 2019

Sunday saw a typical send off for the Bantam overcast.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Preparing for the delivery trip to Parakai & her new owners.

Great lil Flying Machine it is really gonna miss the lil Puppy.

A FUN machine she is.

Gary all cozy in his Plastic bubble.

We gave Gary & the Bantam a good head start & he used it as had an epic tailwind.

We and SSF with Alan & RSR had around 122 ground speed nice Southerly. 

Gary was on the ground half hour before we got there.

Nice up te Coast.

Followed this fella round & round the circuit or what we called in the day a cross country circuit. We got to land eventually.

Raglan on Sea.

New house reservation going in.

Uncle Wayne keeping an eye on that Pesky Cessna.

Lads whacking some more gas in. Only used half tank to Raglan & just over that to Paraki.

Alan & RSR having just landed 23 Raglan.

The fleet on the Ground Raglan just as we were off for a coffee & a leg stretch.

We gave Gary another head start and he just off RWY-23.  

Gary & a Windmill. He likes Windmills.

Just cruising the Skies in a Bantam as ya do.

Alan & RSR with the Spare gas. Which we didn't need in the end. 

Gary on approach to RWY-25 at Parakai

Down & Dusted.

Bantam on the taxi to its new Hangar

Bellenca Viking. Its heavy needs motorized tow bar.

Bantams new home.

New hangar mates Taylor Mono & Pulsar to chat to.

Had the chance to have a look around the Sky Diving PAC 750 nice piece of kit. These puppies carry 18 kitted up Meat Bombs.

Couple sexy looking Flying Machines out there. 

Capt for the PAC 750 was Cameron.

Appreciate the look about your fine Steed.

Some more Meat Bombs ready for action. I gave them some encouraging words.

Firing the beast up.

Mean while Gary was busy with the new team & some flying about.

Cameron about to blast off

They have a Control Tower at Parakai ??????.

Mr Manny Quinn in Control.

PAC 750 on the Taxi for 25.

Aircon on Front & rear.

Getting ready to bug out for SD.

Also thanks for the great Lunch  

On the taxi for 25 so long lil Bantam it's been a hoot.

Bit of Clear felling just South West of Parakai.


Some impressive rock formations about.

Sea Mount.

Piha & Lion rock.

Even way up on the hills now at Piha.

Manukau Heads an Epic piece of water.

Port Waikato.

Aeotea & Kawhia  Harbours.

Albatross Point

Iron Sands Ship Loading Taharoa Sands.

The old Landing Strip now no longer.

Flown off  there few times as Waikato Aero Club had Mine contract. Some pretty epic X/winds there.

Lake Ratipiko just about home. 

Back at SD & SSF getting some proper gas AVGAS.

If you want gas at Parakai you need to ring first as they aren't assured of having any. They have Avgas & Mogas. When we were there no Avgas. SSF used Mogas reluctantly as she don't like the smell of it.  

Great trip to see FYH off & escort her to her new home.

Vid's here. 


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