Monday, March 11, 2019

The Great Southern Tour 2019.

Some more from Ashburton.

The Grand Champion at the SAA fly in was the All metal highly Polished Midget Mustang.

It was Stunning.

Thats his big Bro behind.

Jodel DYB which got me back into Flying. Called Graham French up a few years ago whilst in Tauranga. Anyhoo long story short we went  Flying and the rest is History...so blame him for this re affliction.....:o)

Great Flying Machine now lives at Kapiti I believe.

Quick look around the Restoration Hangar at Ashburton.

Yes that's the remains of a BD5 up there.

Having left Ashburton we trucked up to Rangiora via the coast & over Banks Peninsula

Here Capt Sue flying us there.

Down on the Ground at Rangiora.

Bi Jesus it was hot.

Yes another one.

Zenair Airforce

Susie just chilling on the Way to Hamner Springs.

Checking out the passing Country side.

On the Ground at Hamner.

After a practice ....

Great Service by the local operator $10 Landing Fee $10 bucks each to run us into town to the Motel & Picked us up next morning. Brilliant

NOW USE HAMNER AIRFIELD as they are considering Closing it. Oh and it's a brilliant place and then some.

Putting the Fleet to Bed.

You need to park here at this spot other wise ya might find your plane blown away.

Hamner Springs Terminal & Club house.

Extra Charge for Chairs.

Hamner Springs what a place.

Nice avenue of Tree's great when the suns out.

Heaps of  Camper Vans about like this one.

Pools are awesome and there is a cooling pool out back with a lazy river and Hydro Slide.

We struck the lottery with only 15 mins to go we got to do the Hydro Slide for Free it was a hoot.

We discovered ya don't need to pay for a private room as they the same temp as ones outside.

After a hard days flying and looking about a bit of Supper for the team before hitting the hay.

Back at the Airfield around 0830 & getting ready to bug out for Omaka. 

Yours Truly Pre Flighting SSF

Hamner Springs a great spot.

Well worth the effort & Great country to fly through getting there.

Part 6 to follow.

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