Monday, April 1, 2019

A bit of History when they were disposing of the Skyhawk as tried to get one for Gate Guardian. Alas was not to be. Here is the RNZAF reply.

Dear Nick,
I note the email (below) sent to the then Chief of Air Force, Air Vice-Marshal G.B. (Graham) Lintott, requesting a Skyhawk for Stratford. Your request remains on the master register of interest which I am maintaining. According to my records I contacted you in January 2011. 
Since then the Government has decided to retain some Skyhawks as a piece of our aviation history for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy. Five aircraft have been set aside for long-term loan to qualifying aviation museums in New Zealand.  Of these, one has been allocated to Omaka and one to Tauranga. Subject to formal loan approvals and a commitment to pay for actual delivery costs of up to $30,000 dollars, these two aircraft will move to their new homes over the next few months.  
The last three aircraft will now be allocated to existing aviation museums on the basis of three factors: geographic location, type of organization, and the ability of a museum trust board to have the skills and funding necessary to take delivery of and display the aircraft. Existing aviation museums are being encouraged to present their case to their local Member of Parliament who will sponsor the bid to the Minister of Defence.
Based on the information available to me, Stratford would not be able to complete with bids we have from existing aviation museums.
The balance of aircraft, engines, and other surplus parts are being disposed of through a request for proposal (RFP) process, noting that US approval for transfer of ownership will be required. The RFP: "Disposal of surplus Skyhawk Aircraft and associated holdings." is active on the Government electronic tenders system (GETS) under the reference number 32857. Enquiries in relation to this RFP can be sent to: skyhawkpackageRFP@defence.govt.nz .

Other questions may be directed to me as the Defence point of contact.

Best Regards,
Ian Brunton

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