Sunday, April 21, 2019

Friday 19th saw Fog (our first) in the AM the slowly cleared to finish day.

Steve (Capt of CVK) making his way out to his steed as WX had cleared to allow him to blast of back to Dargiville direct. This puppy holds 150 Litres.

CVK looking like she means business.

Applying the appropriate Floating enhancer for those over water bits.

Checking all the do hickeys & electro whizz bangers ave powered up & working

Check out the Mud deflector on the nose wheel

Has gone for Main Engine start

Landing Light on (or Plane Deflector)

On the Taxi for RWY-34.

Take Off Video here.

Mountain looking fine. 

JTF the Orange Roughy with Jim aboard arriving n the overhead.

Having Landed 34.

Vid Here.

Chewing the Phat with TGC

JQT also arrived in the Overhead.

On the Taxi 34

JTF's big Bro ad arrived JTA the Blue Roughy

The chaps ad arrived to head off for Omaka SNJ just chilling prior to departure.

The JT's getting some Ray's

SNJ in for some top shelf AVGAS

DBZ arriving in the Overhead. Omaka flight consisted of RFD, DBZ, SNJ.

Gary looking suitably sorted for Omaka.

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