Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday 14hth March was Sunny & slightly overcast at the same time & no wind. 6C nuff said.

Mountain looking fine in her many colours

Sue & I got up early to get the best of the day & go see the Mountain from up high.

Doing the Run Up & DVA's etc RWY-27. 

Climbing for the Summit. NE.


9000 foot yus easy pessy.

Suzy checking out big pointy thing.

Snow on top quite solid stuff on the side's not so much.


Yeah Man checking out contact 1300 high.

Back to Mountain viewing

Central Plateau in the backround


Fantams Peak Hut & Outhouse.

On decent back to SD.

Back on the round after some nice Avgas to quench SSF's thirst.

We did te same it's hard work it's early morning Flying thing. Nothing like a hot Chocolate on a cold morning.

Mean while Jason ad appeared for a bit. 

Alan & RFD were about. Taxing for 16

Preparing for Launch 


Hawera's Aeroprakt A-32 LSA was in for an Approach & Overshoot or T &  G wasn't quite sure ya will have to check Video. Decide for ya self.

LTJ still enjoying bit of R & R in the Sun. From Taihape someone said.

VHC hugging the Mountain.

Gary & Isobel heading for the Aerodrome but possibly diverted to Richmond Field.

Vid's here.

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