Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday 28th April was coolish a bit of sun & a lot of cold.

Brett appeared in the overhead in the Trojan. As we had an epic amount of Rain night before he chose not to land as at 7 odd tons we don't need the Runway ploughed at the Mo.

Grey plane against a Grey Sky not a great Photo combination.

That will be the bustling Metropolis of Midhurst.

One of the many Oil Well sites used to spend time at when there was Oil Exploration going on round Taranaki. This one end of Sole Rd.


The infamous Eltham Poo Ponds a lotta Butter Milk went through there did more than a few Truck Loads back in the day.

Sultry looking Mountain. 

Another Production Well site.

A Montage of Aerodrome Shots.

Yup in the right place.

Back & RSR about to go to bed. 

Capt Farr doing sum fink important.

Mountain gone from Sultry to Pissy looking.

Vids here

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