Monday, April 8, 2019

Sunday 7th was cool & warm.

That bloody cloud got in the road but a good dumping all the same.

Not a big turn out although big Al was out with RFD for a Blat.

Preparing to Blast off 16.

Got his Game face on.

Stratfords new Sub Division/Reservation....Just like in the big smoke.

Just checking in the right place.

Finals 16

Interesting Clouds slowly passing by South West Way

Shaun & JQT were about the place for a bit

Ken popped in for bit around mid morning whilst waiting to catch is flight back to Oz & Melbourne.

Had a wander about here checking out the Taylor. Here he was trying to figure out how he would get it through as checked Luggage.

A cup of Coffee some more aviation chat & he was off to catch a DASH.

Alan & RFD appeared back in the overhead.

Landing 09

Looks suitably aviated

The great Hunter dealing to her pray.

Vids here.

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