Saturday, June 29, 2019

Sat 29th was nice & Clearish with the big Yella thing beating down a tad nippy when wind blew.

SSF was busy with new Trainee Pilot Luke on board oh & Wayne was tagging along as well.

Here about to blast off RWY-09.

CHX was busy holding up Jason & Wayne out in the sun.

SNW just getting some Rays & checking out the Western nav aid. 

Chaps & SSF appearing in the overhead.

Landed 09.

That'll be Luke ( I am sure he was using the Force.)

Then it was  blat around the patch in SNW.

Taxi for 09.


Bit of Traffic in the higher part of the Circuit.

SNW in the Overhead.

Suitability Sonerai'd I suspect.

JPX with John out after some tiggling & going out to see if it all works suitability

DBZ & Gary were in and out heading to National Parkish way to see if it was still there. Then back.

Apparently it is. Excellent work Gary.

CHX still chilling.

Jason about to strap on SSF for some circuits.

CHX probably got the pip.

DBZ getting some top shelf AVGAS.

SSF about to taxi 09.

Alan & RSR was preparing for Flight.

After some Ground Running JPX & John started the taxi for 09.

Some more nice Cars about today.

The Jaguar

JPX on the move.


Busy Busy RFD passing JPX

Another great Classic Ford

Cygnets new Wood comp prop looks good.

Locally based Space Walker was out and about.


Couple more flying machines awaiting for something to happen which I am sure did.


Also locally based Piper Cub zooming about also although cloud makes taking a white subject against a grey cloud rather interesting.

Keith bringing the Cub into the Pits

Alan & RFD back in 09.

Closely followed by Gary & DBZ

Some lil Flying machines waiting patiently for there turn in the Air.

Space Walker heading out for some more aviation.

Note the Winter attire.

Team RSR back from some wheres in the overhead.

Down & taxing for the Hangar.

Jason man handling his Flying Machine back into the Hangar as ya do.


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