Sunday, June 16, 2019

Some Mountain Shot's from the last couple weeks odd.

The EM Team got a window of Flying on Friday

Mark had also been out Uriti way spreading Stuff about the Plus all GPS tracked of course as ya do these days.

Lil Toot doing the Yanking. Time for Bed  & some R & R Cresco, not Mark .....

Gary & TVG were in for a bit on Sat 15th. TVG checking out his new lil Bro.

Then off for home. On the Taxi for 16.

Outa Here.

Squadron Leader Jason admiring his new ride the Awesome Taylor Mono.

RSR just chilling (Literally) the Exhaust taking five as ya do.

Mean back at the Taylor Mono who had shifted outside ready for some taxing practice.

Here S/L Jason starting her using the Armstrong method.

Fired right up first swing.

Feel the Power.

Mounting his Steed.

He's off.

Alan & Amy preparing to go Flying.

Mean while Jason still Taxing about.

Looking suitably Stoked as one should be...

Got the Cruising with the arm in the right place thing down pat.

Amy suitably attired for Flight in Flight overalls keep warm.

Some Wave about the place today.

We do get some nice Machines down at the Aerodrome from time to time.

Jason & Keri contemplating things for a bit.

Amy getting some Air & hasn't even left the ground yet.

SSF getting some Rays while the going was good and a nice warm up from Jason.

Crew RSR getting set for Blast Off.

Team Farr just before Main Engine Start.

Nice Gaggle of Flying Machines

SNW with Wayne & Jason heading out for some Tail Dragger training.

Lads doing some Engine spotting and found this one at the back of the Hangar.

Keep an eye out for some new Chompers not far away now.


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