Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday 2nd June in one word BLOODY COLD probably the coldest so far.
After becoming mildly hypothermic up at Ferndene preparing the Minicab for flight. I retreated to the Aerodrome to warm up.

I found Keith &Wayne manipulating the Jodel D9 KMM.

Mean while over at the Taylor Mono about 2 metres away Squadron  Leader Jason B was attending to his new ride CHX.

Mean while SSF was Chilling literally out side whilst all sorts of alchemy was being performed on the Cygnet & her new power house.

Looks fine should be a home sick angle with that puppy on there.

DBZ with Gary arriving in the overhead.

Jason braved the cold to give SSF a bath.

Question : does Jasons bum look big from this angle.........

Local Hawk showing everyone how it's done in cold air.

Mean while over at the Cygnet it was all go with weighing and stuff was happening at a pace to keep warm.


Gary doing some Prop holding.

Alan was out  doing RSR stuff. Turned out to be quite exhausting.

Keith getting some Jodel Air

DBZ getting ready to vacate to Ferndene.

It runs excellent.

Getting a tad crowded  and more to come.........


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