Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday 30th June was Sunny & reasonably Warm.

SND had Kenny out and about in the early AM.

Some refreshing Avgas.

SND retiring back to the Hangar with Kenny doing the lugging.

Good variety of Aerial  Vehicle's.

JPX had John outa bed early for some more sky riding.

On the Taxi for 09.

SSF was all excited as she was to lift Luke ( good keen man) & Wayne into the wild Blue.

Corvette  getting some Rays.

TGC zooming past for 09.

Quickly followed by SSF at a more sedate pace.

JPX just landed 09

SSF away 09

Then in again.

JPX basking in the Sun.

Crane Heavy Lifter transiting North to South. Wasn't mucking about either.

SSF heading to some refreshments.

Jason had an exhausting morning. Some more engine  Spotting going on.

The exhaust was located on the Hangar Floor search called off.

JPX away again SSF was not far behind with Jason on board.

TVG with Gary arrived in the overhead.

Landed 09.

Dam it was there a minute  ago.

Chem trails were thick this AM.

SSF back in showing off Mt Ruapehu

Luke with Wayne about to go for another blat about.

JPX & John for a Triple flight today

Peter towing his Wind Shifter out to 09.

Mountain looking fine.

SSF & the Chaps heading 09.

Gary & TVG also heading for 09 from the pumps.

Fighter & Strike/Training flight Holding at 09.

More Mountain shots.

CYG just chilling.

SSF lining up  09

Keri making Rotax noises & trying the Cygnet on for size.

TVG getting his first real look at his lil Bro.

OCC & NCC from Norfolk Road were in for a bit for Gas. Missed Oscar Chuck Chuck. 

Shot's of the day were Gary's girls first dual Photo Shoot. Looking dam fine.

Yeah man.

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