Monday, July 15, 2019

Sat 13th was an unexpected sunny day & warm until about 1500 then it got cold.

DBZ had escaped the Hangar & bought Gary along to SD.

Plane spotting was Popular Sat as seen here.

Lads hard at it on the Cygnet just about there a bit more tiggling and a scratch on the belly or two should  be good to go.

See looks better with her new Rotax cowl and not so much a Pug Dog as before

The sound of a YAK was heard as Brett arrived with ZK-YAK into the overhead.

Brett has a unique way of joining overhead mainly upside down, side way's & up and down etc.

Here downwind for 27.

SSF keeping an eye on the Blue fella.

Brett invited Wayne for a blat around in the YAK it had been a while.

Strapping in.

That's ya Landing Gear down indicator.

Getting the Low down on whats what again. Remember the Airspeed & engine is Kilometers & RPM in percentages.

Mean while RSR had Alan drag it out for a fly.

A montage of Yak Pic's

RSR also on the Taxi for 27.

Yak away.

RSR & Allan about to line up.

Having gained some Altitude another montage  of some Aero's

Yeah Man

Brett said he passed.

Brett heading off for Home.

A nice Zoom as he headed for NP.

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