Saturday, July 20, 2019

SAT  20th July actually wasn't to bad nice & Sunny a reasonably warm for most of the day.

Number 1 (JPX) & 2 (SSF) sitting just enjoying some Rays.

JPX warming herself up.

RFD & Alan taxing for 09. This puppy is seriously quiet.

Luke doing his pre-flight.

RFD away 09.

The Cygnet is progressing well won't be long now.

Profile looks much improved with that new Cowl.

Young Luke spotted something on his Pre-flight. Wayne checking it out. Never be afraid to bring stuff up if ya not sure or it don't look right.

Some weighty thing going down.

Oh looks like action about to happen Canopy's up

RFD x/wind heading for the downwind 09.

SFF with the Crew on the taxi 09.

Alan & BIG Yella heading for the Hangar.

SSF doing the Precision Flying thing down at fixed speed parallel down runway.

Some awesome Cloud formations about today.

SSF in amongst it all.

JPX back in 09.

Ditto for SSF


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