Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sat 6th July. Was SE so Cold was the order of the day unless you were the sun sheltered from the wind.

 Saw a gaggle of Flying Machines just milling about including the rarely seen Piper DGQ.

Another look at the Aeroworks Spiffing new sign looks good, Nice to know who ya working for when ya get to work,

Old school, new School

Couple circuits today see if I still know how to do it.

Here finals for RWY-16

DGQ take off RWY-09

SSF post flight catching some Rays

Ditto SNW

DGQ back in the overhead.

Some Spitting going on ....Wayne contemplating his next move.

Some more plane spotting going down it can be a tad exhausting.

DGQ take off 09

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