Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday 21st was cold and Drizzly then it rained.

After some belly scratching and a few tiggle's with some encouraging words and a photo shoot for the Cygnet, Wayne & myself retied to the Club house and yes we had the Bloody Heater going in the office & a darn fine cup off Coffee.

Now Wayne has acquired some Immersion Suits (Probably try get some more in Different Sizes at some point) so if you feel you maybe immersed whilst crossing the Strait or any water just let Wayne no ya using them.

Yours truly trying it on for size (this ones a Large and I fit in there quite comfortably) they come in any colour ya like as long as it is Orange.

Plenty of Stretch.

Face shield to keep Sea water at bay and stop ya from swallowing it.

This fella was in today doing BFR/Training said he needed a bit more work.

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