Sunday, August 25, 2019

 Sunday 25th was not to bad to begin with but then got all over cast and produced a narly South Westerly. 

  Gary flew in with TVG as she is due a Tickle and a look about.

          Some refreshment before settling down for the evening.


Mean while over at Hangar 1 the Taylor Mono had made it's way outside closely followed by Squadron Leader Jason. The Mission profile called for some taxing about and some fast taxing down 27/09 in the narly SW. Windsock indicated 20 knotish gusting well over that. Unfortunately the Anemometer on the weather station has seized. So it reads as normal no wind.

Going for main Engine start .... 1 flick and she was away. Wayne doing he Armstrong thing Gary giving sterling encouragement,

Squadron Leader Jason all business as he prepares to taxi out for his Sortie.

The cheering Squad waiting with anticipation.

Also more Minicab cleaning and Hangar door re-alignment going in the back ground.

He's off.

A Successful Mission even when the SW whispered in no uncertain terms.

Squadron Leader Jason looking suitably stoked

I am telling ya he came at me like that ..... but got the Bastard.

Looking all Piloty like exciting his steed.

Check out the new Snazzy valve covers. Looks so much better in white.

Gary heading out for a bit here for 27

Mean while over in Hangar 1 FLT CMNDR Sue (birthday Girl) was trying on EEF for size. Not every day ya get a Plane for a present.

Charf Cutter chugging through.

Gary & TVG back

Keri doing some engine running on the Cygnet. Testing , Testing.

Wayne checking stuff outside

Not long now.

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