Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sat 24th was reasonably warmish.

As this is the only Weather window for around the next 3 weeks according to long Range Forecast.

So it was Minicab day or bust.

After some testing it was determined a Fuel pump would be a good addition to the advancement of fuel to the Carb. Also a few lil things to finish off.

It was all done.

So at around 1300ish hours Gary lifted EEF off from FERNDENE for the last time (unless we go for a BBQ in the Summer time)

Below testing the brakes etc.

Then he was off  heading SD after doing a few circuits around the Strip to see if  all was good to go.

Now look at that there she is at SD.

Whoo Hoo.

Great job Gary
 oh and ya now got ya Hangar back.

Mean while Wayne & Keri had been beavering away on the Cygnet which is set to go as a new PERMIT arrived Friday. Outstanding.

Mean while Flt CMNDR Sue was busy Hugging our Fella's lil  Plane.

On he Taxi for Hangar 1 which she will now call home.

Making sure every thing OFF

Ain't she Purty

Meanwhile over at Cygnet central. Getting ready for some engine running .

Wayne doing the Engine testing.

Then of for some taxing runs and brake testing etc.

Jason was out and about with SSF. On the Taxi for 27.

FLT CMNDR Sue indicating the Correct placement of EEF.

All tucked up with her Tail Dragger Posse.

Mean while Jason was back getting SSF some refreshment.

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