Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday 4th August actually wasn't to bad until late afternoon when rolling Squalls were passing through. Flying was done.

Here Team Martin being James &  Ross about to head of for a blat.

Then that appeared and they made a run for the Aerodrome.

Local Hawk showing how it's done.

Garry made a run to SD from Ferndene just before a squall came through. Here landing 27.

Gary taxi over for gas & Don was pulling SNJ out into the cold.

Mean while the WX cleared again & young Luke had appeared and took the the opportunity to look the South Westerly in the eyes and had a go in dealing with such wind.

DBZ just chilling in the late afternoon sun.

The Luke about to attack the Sky.

On the Taxi for 27.

Gary & DBZ following close behind.

SSF getting herself prepared for DVA's etc.

Busy, Busy, getting like international Airport.

SNJ & Don departing via the overhead

Getting a bit Murky

SNJ back in ....

Gary on his way back in here joining overhead.

SNJ heading for the shelter of the Hangar.

SSF with Luke & Wayne back in.


                                                                    Ditto Gary.

Then Gary making a run home to Ferndene.

About to blast off 27.

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