Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sat 21st was a Pearler one out the bag Stunning is all one can say.

SNW & SSF enjoying the sun.

On arrival Jason & the Team had Taylor CZH out and running.

Going over last minute details with Wayne.

Yes Jason's first Flight in Command of the Taylor.

Yus still bit of Grass about.

He's off on the Taxi for 09.

Big Westie looking Stunning.

He's airborne (Vid's on Facebook page).

Approach & Overshoot checking things out handling etc.

Central Plateau looking fine.

Mean while Jason & CZH were getting to know each other more.

Crossing the big Mountain.

The Girls were getting all excited as well........Well he is a Fonterra Man.

On finals for 09.

Done & Dusted did pretty darn well for first time out in his new ride.

Looking pretty happy bout it all one suspects

The Team telling him what they think.

Hand shake from Craig previous owner of CZH.

The Central Plateau.

CZH just chilling after the excitement of the mornings activities.

The Fighter Wing gathering for a Super Secret Mission which was happening later in the Day.

Mean while Jason had strapped on SSF for a bit of a fly about.

Ain't she Purtie

Ditto CHX

SND just chilling.


Glider Bashes were out most of the day

Chem Trails everywhere Sat.

SNW getting some refreshments

SND just enjoying the Sun.

Lads discussing Avgas I suspect.

Slowish & Fastish.

Squadron Leader Jason returning form his Sortie around the place.

Looking very Piloty .... Nice shades.

Time for some refreshments around lunch time.

Before the big push.

Sue was in for a bit in her 4 Litre XR6 Ford Tickford. Just turned over  300.000kms. Seats in this car are to die for.

Glider Bashes still thumping the sky.

Think that's ya 787.....

Couple Soneria's chewing the phat.

Chaps heading off for a Briefing for there up coming Special Mission.

Briefing done time for a  practice.

Hawera's LSA  was in for a bit being VHC there A32 

Team away taxing for 09

Another pic of VHC.

TVG looking stunning in the sun.

Ralph who arrived in VHC was doing some Glider Towing in TGC for a bit.

Team back from practice & hearing honing there Buzz & Break routine.


Fighter Wing all lined up ready for the Scramble call.

Waiting waiting. With a view like that not to much of an issue.

Then it came Scramble, Scramble, Scramble an they did on there way to fulfill there Secret Mission.

Gaggle of Sonerai's doing the weave.

Outa here.

Forming up into attack formation.

What a day.

Now if ya leave said Camera unattended this is what ya get when a Scotsman is wandering about the place.

That's be a Kenny.


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