Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sat 28th turned out not to bad sun was out  it was from the East and was cool outa the Sun.

The Mountain did poke her snout out for a bit in the AM.

Good line up of Flying Machines & not one the same.

Gary was in after lunch bring DBZ.

A bit more work on the Minicab tidying up the Wiring after re-routing to it's new spot.

Gary away 27 to Ferndene 

Alan & RSR was going up to test his radio so tagged along. He actually got a 4 to 5 from passing Chopper ..... not bad.

Club house & hangars & no that's not a pool.

Approach & Overshoot Norfolk Road.

Just trucking about looking West.

Montage of Lake Ratapiko

Another Montage of the Aerodrome.

On finals for 09.

End of a nice day.

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