Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday 7th September was quite pleasant Blue sky day reasonably warm. Big build ups all round but not around Stratty.

After 3 day in bed with a rather nasty Flu (read as you definitely don't want this sucker)  it was good to get out and breath some fresh air.

Don was out with SNJ & Frankies sister Zowie for a blat about. Which included some aero's and a bit of formation flying.

John and Allison were up from Cust North Canterburyish. John has been building a Sonerai and as Wayne has built more than a few took opportunity to check over the locally based machines.

John strapped on SNW & Wayne to see how these Sonerai's fly. He was impressed with how it went. Good incentive to crack on with his build.

SNJ on the taxi for 27.

Ditto for DBZ.

Busy Busy.

SNW about to taxi for 27. Allison there seeing them off.

27 about to blast off.

Nice formation past the Sun ......

The Break

DBZ back in.

SNW whizzing round the sky.

Looking suitably Sonerai'd

SNJ back in 27.

Lads doing some plane spotting. My isn't that a nice looking Minicab.

Gary heading home via 27.

Alan busy finishing his install of his new radio.

DBZ outa here

Then afternoon Tea appeared.

Now may not look like a pic of anything but there is RSR & a Dash 8 & the moon.

Alan & RSR flew the our Homestead later in the afternoon.

Just do what Snoopy does look cool.

Video's here.

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