Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday 15th wasn't to bad nice and Sunny with a slightish breeze and was warm.

Gary with DBZ & Don in SNJ on the taxi for 27 as they were heading to have a look at Raglan & Te Kowhai.

Some visitors today being Peter & Ingrid who just happened to come down see what was going on.

Ingrid decided to strap on Isobel for a bit.

One suspects it was a good decision looks pretty stoked.

Checking out the front bit.

Peter checking TVG out.

That will be ya 6.2 Litre Corvette.

SSF just chilling in the Sun.

Wayne was going for a fly in SNW & offered both Ingrid & Peter a ride. Ingrid was keen Peter had an ear issue so had to decline Bummer. Maybe next time.

Ingrid getting strapped in.

Getting ready for blast off.

 I suspect she is enjoying herself.

Ingrid Looking  suitably aviated.

Yus I think that's a thumbs up moment.

KMM was also out getting some sun.


SNW just taken on some SD top shelf AVGAS.

Gary & Don arrived back about mid afternoon.

Having four of those means HP.

Then the lads headed off to suss out a secret mission that's coming up next weekend.

On the taxi for 27.

Lads back in 27.

Now the Hangar Doors on Hangar 1 have needed some work. With some new tracks proved by Peter we were able to get them sorted  last Sunday a big improvement. Just some final adjustments be good to go.

Big thanks to Wayne and Gary for doing the business on a rather inclement WX day (read as COLD).

Job well done.

Bloody awesome day.

Vid's here.


John said...

I hope Wayne told hi wife he was having a thrilling ride with a Swedish beauty.

Ingrid van Amsterdam said...

Hi guys! Thanks sooooo much for the ride and this brilliant post! :D I have made my own video too you're welcome to post on your blog if you like or send me a FB message or send me your email address so I can send you a copy or share from my FB page :)