Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunday 1st September dawned nice & Sunny but very cool.

Good day for a summit flight.

SSF looking fine in the Morning Sun.

Mountain looking Fine & Clear.

Sari & Dave were out to head up hill and have close look at the big Pointy thing to the west

Just about to blast off 27. Sari was up first.

Poof and we are at the Summit already it was Super Smooth.

Yes there were some people up there via the old fashioned way about 6 of them. Must have started early as we were up there around 8.45.

Sari getting up close a personal with SSF post Flight.

Also got her Astronaut Rating on the way down from the Mountain.

Next up was Dave.

Dave also giving his ride a good pat after his sortie.

Dave also enjoyed having a Fly of SSF on the way down.

Sue was down for a bit here providing assistance in locating SSF.

Some Feathered Aviators Roaring through the Circuit.

Sue just chilling Literally much Like SSF is doing.

KMM was out enjoying some sun whilst RSR & Alan were doing stuff.

Then this here Piper Comanche appeared (Man it's quiet) Brett in Command.

Now the interesting thing was on the Taxi for 27 but turned around and taxied back and parked up next to the  Comanche.

The reason Alan's Dad used to own this very Comanche.

Brett being Brett took Alan for a fly in said Comanche .

On the Taxi for 27.

Mean while over at the Honey Bee it had sucked this lil fella in who was quite keen.

Ya lucky Keith they both wanted to take KMM home.

Trying KMM on for size.

They were all part off Team Jade Posse (he's the one in Black) Here checking it all out with the Young Un.

Checking out the Dover Hawk.

RSR quietly waiting for Alan to  return

One suspects he enjoyed his ride down memory lane.

Yeah Man

After some refreshment Brett headed back to NP. Always interesting ya never know what he's gonna turn up with strapped to his back.

Outa here via Rwy-34

Then RSR strapped Alan in for a blat around the place.

Zooming outa 34 also.

KMC was in from Wanganui for a bit bringing Kieren & Nancy along.

This is a pretty immaculate C-172.

Gary was also in with DBZ.

The Posse off to check out the Spitfire & Mustang.

DBZ getting some late afternoon rays.

Bit of colour down at 27.

Old & New.

Checking out the Spit.

Team KMC Kerien & Nancy.

Amazing what drives in the gate. A very rare Impala.

Gary heading off back to Ferndene.

Was pretty darn clear.

One of our high flying club members zooming past.

Nice end to a awesome day. 

Vids will appear in next few days.

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