Saturday, October 26, 2019

 Sat 26th was warm very warm. Arrived down there around 1230ish. People were busy doing stuff.

DBZ & Gary were in attending to the Spit. It's coming along.


                                       Check out that Sexy looking wing,


     Cygnet just chilling before her Flight with Test Pilot Wayne.


The Kenny approaches. The Luke most likely heading in for a PIE.

SND waiting for the Kenny.

The Kenny has appeared giving SND some engorgement or something.

The Grant was also out for a look about.

Mountain was out. That slight Haze around her is WIND lots of Wind and it was narly aloft.

Cygnet just about warmed up quite nicely.

SND with Kenny away on the taxi 27.

Couple Piloty types just hanging about in the Sun.

SND whizzing past a sleeping SSF.


                        Wayne about to get the Cygnet in the Sky.

He's off.

Gary & DBZ taxing about the place.

Cygnet about to blast of 27.

Some top shelf Avgas refreshment for DBZ.

Couple top wingers just chilling.

Ya modern Pilot checking his inter web.

Gary & DBZ taxing about some more.

Luke was out checking on his new Baby.

Cygnet back in after it's Flight looking pretty bout it all.

Pretty happy Keri there. Just gotta wait for Wayne to finish Testing then be all go.

Kenny back from some where's

Met by Adoring fans .

Carpark was pretty chocker.

Some Aviation watchers taking in the action.

Cygnet just chilling 

DBZ & Gary about to head for Ferndene

The crowd still mingling about .....

Luke doing stuff to the Sonerai with some of the adoring crowd. & the Guys

New Snazzy Carbon Firbe Template dash mock up.

Canopy Fitting.

This here young Fella just chilling whilst learning about Sonerai's

Allan & RSR about to head out.

Couple Stol's on the taxi for 27

Vid's here.

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