Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sat 12th was warm very warm (although not in back of Hangar  1 that was just cold) then a frisky lil Southerly came in around mid morning.

SSF was getting prepared for flight SNW not so lucky.

Nice lil MX 5 there as well.

Luke and Wayne doing the pre flight thing as ya do.

The Red nose was getting some attention today should be hearing a growl soon. SNW non plussed.

Uncle Wayne making sure the lads doing it right.

Getting ready to taxi for 09.

Alan busy massaging RSR......

That will be ya Yammy Midnight Special.

Keri's turn in SSF with Uncle Wayne.

FLT CMNDR Susie was out to check on progress with the Minicab & have a Coffee with her Pilot.

No that's not her hat.

Lads off again taking SSF with them heading for 27.

Modellers were out today been a while with the WX and all.

Busy getting the Flying machines ready.

DBZ & Gary ditto. He ended out East chasing Billy Goats round the place. Don't panic it's an expression people.

RSR & Alan in hot pursuit for 27.

Busy, Busy.

Lads taking a break probably trying to sort world affairs out.

Ross's nice Chippie

That'll be a Luke

Alan & RSR arriving back in the overhead.

Luke busy doing the Fuel thing with SSF.

RSR taking Alan back to the Hangar.

SSF just chilling after a good days flying.

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