Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sunday 13th dawned to a pretty nice morning and warm as well.

SSF & SNW were pulled out to warm up naturally.

Team Richmond were out being Pauline & Wayne to have a fly about in the Sky Corvette.

After some top notch Avgas they were on the taxi for 09.

Outa here

Team JQT were in also.

Ditto on the Avgas

Check out that fancy new Pointy Spinner. looks good and suits the colour scheme.

About to blast off some where's


            Don had been out for a blat around the District as well.


                                   JQT on the Taxi for 09.

Following the big winged bird.

keep an eye out for big toothed beasties in the Foliage.

Mean while SSF had been going round and round the circuit.

DBZ bought Gary in Landing 09.

Glider Guiders had a busy day.

TGC was a busy lil Yella Fella.

Ditto for SSF.

Luke trying on Sonerai for size.

Central Plateau peering out from behind the clouds.

MDX was in for a bit dropping off some Passengers. Outa Ardmore.

Gone Burger.

SSF still going round & round the circuit.

Nah they had enough.

Heading back to the Hangar

Over & Out.

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