Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday 27th  was a fairly Friskie day wind wise although warm.

Saw Gary & DBZ going to & coming from the Aerodrome slower than usual & was getting befferted about a bit so still narly upstairs.

Luke was out doing stuff up in the Sonerai nest. By end of the day had dome the floors in Carbon Firbe and Man do they look good. Workmanship is pretty awesome.

The fabrication of the Floors earlier in the day.

Then poof just like that there was a Jabiru 4 banger 2200 on the Bow with some counter weight at the Stern not really needed but better have done something than end in tears with ya motor sitting on thee floor.

Luke  giving the lil Jab a talking to about whats expected of it etc....

Also note Luke is wearing a Carbon Fibre deflection suit.

I thought he just liked dressing up as a Smurf but no.

Floor done & dusted looks epic great job fella.

Be Flying next week at this rate.


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