Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday 6th October was sunnyish with a frisky SE &  Southerly.

Mountain poked her nose out for a bit over the top of the covers.

SSF busy sunning herself warming up naturally.

Opened up the Hangars to let everything air out for a bit.

Hawera's Vixen  VHC did an approach and overshootish.

601 UL XSTOL  enjoying some rays .

As was CZH 

CZH had Jason pulling her  about 

For a nice quenching drink of AVGAS all 8 Litres of it.

601 still enjoying the Sun.

CZH waiting for something to happen.

Jason giving her the once over.

But then decided to go give SSF a run first.

Alan had RFD out for a bit.

Gary & DBZ appeared in the overhead.

He's off

Couple Low wingers just chilling.

SSF has gone for main engine start.

On the Taxi for 09.

Then away.

SSF on finals 09.

Couple of Sun Seekers.

SSF checking out the lil  fella.

RFD & Alan back in on to 09.

Just about to head inside.

Now when the Sue comes out and says lets go Flying you go Flying.

Mean while Squadron Leader Jason was out wrangling CZH around the place.

Looks like he means business.

Heading back to the Hangar.

Gary back in.

Undercoat on Starboard Landing gear.

Getting there.

Gary & DBZ away.

Monday 7th Oct.


The Loo has been replaced by Don  & Gary.


Although if the Ladies prefer it than the current one we may have to change the signs around and save a few bucks.

Note Dribble mat in place.

Mean while whilst that was going down I whisked out and applied some Epoxy Gloss paint to the Starboard Landing gear. Once she is rock had should never hopefully have to do anything to it for quite some time.

Real bugger to taxi like that so we haven't.

Outa here.

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