Saturday, November 2, 2019

 Sat 2nd November was warm & very Sunny & a few people were out & about doing stuff. 

Kenny was out was Luke here checking over SND before....

Mean while over in Dispersal's the lads can be seen tending to RGV.

Yes SND was getting a make over & as you can see Kylie is beginning the transformation

Mean while Luke was getting SSF ready for first flight of the day.

The chaps getting on with Spitty stuff.

Mountain checking out new kid on the block.

Wayne & Gary going over the finer details of Spitfire stuff.

Check out that wing  shape.

Gary all Helmeted  up and about to go.

On the taxi 27.

The cheering section at the ready.

Being one with the Spitfire.

Gary gets to try her out for the First time.

Mean while Jason was busy helping CZH out of the Hangar.

Squadron Leader Mounting his Flying Machine.

Back in the Hangar Kylie was busy whacking Decals on SND.

Luke mounting SSF.

Squadron Leader Jason about to taxi for 27


New spot for SND rego looks great

CZH about to blast off 27.

Yes it was hot.

Good Gaggle of flying machines just chilling.

CZH in the overhead.

SSF away for 27


CZH Approach & Overshoot 27

SSF flying the Pylons 27


Luke  a bit high on finals.

The transformation continues over in Hangar 1.

Kenny getting the under side prepped for another decal.

CZH just chilling.

The Luke back in.

Heading for the Pump.

SND looking a tad different.

CYG on the taxi for 27.

Just about done.

Finished looks awesome.

CYG & SSF chewing the Phat.

Couple future Pilots trying out Luke's new flying machine.

Another fine bunch of  Flying Machines & not one the same.

Not everyone at that age gets to strap on a a Spitfire for a bit.

Rob & SAL dropped in on his way back from Tauranga.

Mmmmm luckily it was only a cloud.

Couple likely lads just hanging about.

Another bunch of fine flying machines again not on the same.

RFD & Alan were also about as well.

SND looking fine in her new clothes.

SFF looking fine in the sun.

DBZ on the taxi 09

Couple 601's

Mark was also out and about

Picking up the Keith 

Then off again.

Chaps getting ready for some more learning in SSF.

This time outa 16.

Then Lyle was out also landed 16.

Luke still hard at it still.

End to a nice day.

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