Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sat 16th saw Wayne & Jason out & about before the Smutty WX moved in.

Sunday 17th was beyond inclement but then it is NORMAL November stuff.

Spent the day finishing lil bit's on Minicab the Gloss Epoxy pain looks good and should last a while before needing attention again. 

Some 2000 degree tape on to protect the Fabric from the exhaust.

Bit of Polishing looking a Tad more sparkly.

That's fuel tank Filler/vent.

Isn't she looking snazzy. Now just need to wait till WX behaves so we can get air under the wings.

Jedi Luke was out for a bit. Has made some nice looking Grips for the Stick all turned up on the Lathe.

See ya.

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