Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sat 23rd November was SUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY & Hot around 26C plus.

Squadron Leader Jason on the Taxi for 09 in the TM.

Cresco & Mark spending some quite time together.

Couple 601's catching some rays.

Squadron Leader Jason had changed his ride for SSF. On the taxi for 09.

I suspect this maybe Rodney & his Nanchang Flying across in the overhead.  He's outa Wellington.

Lads getting ready to bug out for Whitianga. Jason & Don in SNJ 


                                                                  Yeah man.

Flight Deck SNJ

Luke trying out Don's Bone Dome.

Now with the go fast bit's on.

Gary & his Spitfire Head Gear.

Luke & Gary in DBZ.

On the taxi for 27.

SNJ on the taxi for 27.

Wayne about to strap on SNW for a blat about the place.

Mountain in amongst the Smoke & Haze.

Ditto for Ruapheu

On the Taxi for 09.

He's off.

Back in for Gas. Alas no power as a pole had snapped in Stratty happens when ya do no maintenance on the Grid and over charge saying ya are.

Scully doing some pole sitting Mountain watching and getting some rays at the  Homestead.

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