Saturday, November 30, 2019

Sat 30th November was a Tad warmish around 30C at the Aerodrome & it was 32C at  my place.

I had seen Brett come in earlier whilst n my travels about the place in the AM.

On arrival Brett was strapping the YAK on to young Luke. Yes it's not Blue.

The cheering Squad looking absolutely Ecstatic.

Mean while over at the Club house SSF was resting after already been out showing a new student how it's done.

Luke looking suitably YAK'd

On the Taxi for 34.

Jim & Tim's Orange Roughy was in as I think I heard Jim in the air.

CYG waiting patiently for a fly.

Mean while down at the holding point 34 Yak just about ready for b last off.

A few of them & a couple those.

Yus I suspect he feels suitably YAK'd as ya do.


Our Club Patron Brett looking suitably Piloty & Patronly with Contrails in the sky.

Then he was off.

Taxing for 34 once again.

Fuel delivery will return to normal now that the DOT has been re applied.

SSF is about to have a Luke applied to her shortly.

Mark & LTJ were back in from out East were the WX was apparently non co-operative.

Mean while CYG with Wayne & Keri just landed 27 after going round & round for  a bit.

CYG on her way back to the Hangar.

Mark busy talking to some Lime in the Hopper then giving it a good thrashing with that there stick as it had decided it didn't want to exit the Hopper.

The Stick did the trick

Thee Cresco Logistic's Machine the Hangar maneuvering today.

Gary & TVG were in today late afternoon.

Sparkly. Apparently the wing tips are gonna be Yellow shortly.

SSF letting Luke position to Hangar number 3 although won't be long before he's doing all on his lonesome in the Air.


Gary away

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