Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunday 3rd dawned fine and clear once the Cloak of invisibility had lifted. Keeps the Rif Raf out.

Now a word of CAUTION these lil buggers are about (File Photo) and from recent experience this volume was about the same found recently. Remember it may not immediately catch fire but smoulder then catch fire once airborne. Take the time on first flight of the day to take the cowl of for a look.

The team weren't idle after having given LTJ a nice sponge bath.

Mean while Keri was hauling out a still sleeping SSF.

Then the lads & LTJ were off here taxing for 09.

Keri entering the Cygnet and that will be Dylan.

SSF & Jason about to go flying.

CYG away 27.

SSF woken up and Jason doing stuff.

Mountain waking up.

Lads talking aviation I suspect.

CYG back in 27 time for some refreshments.

Luke re fueling after some flying & aircraft building.

Another interesting Auto a Torana

Jason doing some cone leaning

Keith & KMM having a moment.

Oscar Chuck Chuck OCC  in the overhead

Mean while Gary & DBZ were in.

Mountain looking fine

KMM chucking Keith in to go flying.

OCC heading for the Pump.

Jason & SSF away 27.

It started.

Some Pump action.

Keith on his way out again for 27.

Oscar Chuck Chuck OCC following KMM out for 27.

Mountain finally outa bed.

That will be a Shaun in with JQT landed 27.

SSF back in a bit thirsty heading for the pumps.

KMM still going round and round.

Luke & Wayne with SSF off again a good keen man.

Back in for a cup of tea before doing some more hours.

Keith looking all Piloty like.

A very nice JAG.

Alan contemplating his next move with SNP's help. Whilst Keith & Luke discuss flying stuff one suspects.

Don in SNJ and Gary in DBZ headed down to Fielding for a bit.

Sue doing some Flying 

Yes that is KMM Jodel D9 out and about getting some running in on the engine saying g'day to the Mountain.

Yes it was that hazy with vis down to 3kms at times. Bloody Auzzie smoke.

The EM team were out doing there thing and a great day for it.

Is it me or doe's Doug's bum look big in these shot's....

Alan doing somefink to RSR

The distinctive Sound of a Radial was heard late afternoon with Brett & YAK joining the overhead.

Having landed 27 & with a Cup of Coffee had, he was off again this time using 09.

Before departing the Circuit we were offered a excellent Aero Display...Always great to watch.

Montage of YAK & Brett doing there thing.

Keith had enough flying for a bit so pulled KMM round for a bit.

Whilst flying around KMM must have gone supersonic as you can see the Rego's looking a bit worse for wear.


Alan & RSR appearing back in the overhead.

SNJ & Don back in late afternoon from Fielding.

RSR tucked away in Bed Alan away on his Temp NZer vehicle.

Vid's here.

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