Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday 24th was HOT really HOT. 36 at my place @ 1800.

SNJ had plonked Don in for his BFR with Wayne up Front.

Hiding in from the Sun in Tony's Hangar. Luke doing his best Tea Pot impersonation why who knows.

                                                Lad's checking SFF over.

Yes it's true the wind died down enough to put new windsock up on Hangar 1. It's taken a year that's how long the winds been blowing.

Ya have to have an A frame ladder and hold onto the pole whilst trying not to get blown of by that wind vane It's all very exciting.

Luke in the mean time was trucking around the overhead.

We are lucky here in Stratford the Council comes & See's us. Here a high powered meeting is taking place at the Picnic Table.

Mean while over at the Sonerai Nest Luke is moving along. 

It was Hot even SSF had the lid open.

Toodle Pip then.

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