Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sat 18th Jan was a pearlier nice & sunny & hot with a frisky SW.

Team Ryan were out early with Keri having done some circuits here with the cheering Squad.

Kenny was out as was Alan here watching SND warm up in the Sun. Why use all that Carbon when the sun can warm her up for free.

Jason on the taxi for the Pump after v back from his Solo X/country to Feilding and back.

Kenny going for main Engine start.

SND on the taxi 09.

It was Spitfire day here getting a check before committing to the Sky.

Couple more squeaks & tiggles should be good to go. Like a real Spit stuff to do.

Mark & the Cresco were out today for a bit.

Spit taxing for the Bowser.

Gary looking suitably impressed with his ride.

He's been giving those Camper Vans a pasting by the looks of that lot.

Kenny arriving in the Overhead.

The Spit cheering squad waiting for start up.


Crew Chief checking in.

09 bound.

About to Land 09


Down first flight of the day.

Kenny man handling his machine back into the Hangar.

Alan got hold off me Camera hence yours truly.

SD from 2500 foot out West. she is drying out.

SSF with Luke back in 

Gary & RGV about to head out again,.

Taxing 09.

Brothers from a Different Mother. Gary's boys.

Alan & Wayne talking Aviation.

Luke was at it again today. That's his 5 Litre smoke tin. It's a Heineken Beer can. He only has one beer a day.

Lads looking suitably impressed.

Vid's here.


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