Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sat 25th was cool in the Morning but afternoon had warmed up quite a bit.

The team getting ready for club trip away to the Thames wings and wheels.

Got away around 0830.

Team talking Aerial Tactics ..... for the trip.

Aircraft were.
601's  were

Mark & the Cresco away for some plus 40C  temps out the back country.

With a see ya on the way past.

Wind could be tricky. O h there wasn't any. Check out the new sexy Windsock.

Luke leading the taxi for 09.

With his Wingman Gary & his dad Bob in DBZ.

Don over the water up the coast.

DBZ slightly inland.

Pilot Offer Luke looking all Piloty like somewhere in the big Blue with white Fluffy things about.

Then on the Ground at Thames around 1.30 not bad.

The POO pond just before the threshold of 32 is good incentive to be on the money.

A pic from Alan F whilst here was there.

RNZAF MAKO (Augusta 109) arrived just after we got there

She was dusty.

Hovering to her landing spot. SSF checking it all out.

Team all parked up.

Luke & Bob checking it all out.

Bunch YAK's just chilling.

Great display of Cars Trucks of every type etc.

P76 Leyland. Neat setup ya can get at everything.

Stationary Engines were popular 2 X Radials & an Allison.

The ole home town GO Gizzy.

Warbirds Beaver.

The P-40 was real popular.

Bob & Luke checking out the YAK-55

The MAKO was surrounded all day.

The Allison

The Radials

Then this Fella turned up RNZAF Texan 2.

These youngun's  had adopted SSF as there place.

P-40 running in.

Then he went up.

MXT on it's way out.

Smoke on.

Then solo Havard 

The Aussies were wilting they said it was to HOT go figure.

The chaps enjoying the Shade of SSF.

Oh it was deathly HOT.

The Beaver also did a display.

The YAK-55 was pretty neat.

Then the Roaring Forties turned up.

Yes that is SSF's prop.

Team Stratty on the Taxi for 32.

Looking back at Thames.

We stopped off at Te Kowhai on the way back for a drink and plan a new route to SD  as NP was socked.

Here are some North Shore Aero Club Members in there new club uniform.

The DAK chewing the Phat with some locals.

Everyone was shade hunting.

Although the Flying Machines didn't get that option.

Hence Canopy up on SSF.

Some more NSAC Members in there Club Uniform.

Bit weird these GA lot 

Looking back to Club House.

Alan also took this on the way home by road and NP was worse than this.

Hence our diversion out East which was fine.

Back at SD with a total of  4 hours flying.

We came home via the East as it was 2000 ft all the way back.

The Team awaiting our arrival we were only 5 minutes behind DBZ.

Scully was doing some pole sitting when I got home.

Sunday 26th at the Homestead it was hot.

Vids Here.

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