Monday, January 20, 2020

Sunday 19th Jan was a bit overcasty & cooler.

SSF was waiting for something to happen.

SNW & DBZ were watching Spitfire goings on in the Hangar.

Oh something happening Covers Off.

Movement at last Jason & Luke probably expressing there LOVE for SSF the lil Sweetie she is or talking Learning Flying stuff.....

Jason away first to explore the Sky some more & stuff.

He's off outa 09.

Then Luke was away with Uncle Wayne learning the Dark art of Standard Overhead Rejoins.

Oh he also got to go away from the Aerodrome for the first time by himself.

Worked well he came back by himself and we didn't have to go look for him.

Then a machine not seen in a while arrived in the Overhead that being 601 UL ZK-ZOT 

Landed 09.

Foxpines new trainer ZOT a 601 UL was in today with Dave (Head Honco at Foxpine) and his Brother inlaw (I think thats right) our own Pete. 

Late afternoon our Patron Brett arrived in the overhead with this wee beauty.

Was spectacular. as always.

If you get the chance go for a ride it is an AWESOME experience ....

End to a great day and stunning evening.

Vid's here.

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