Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thursday 23rd was HOT,HOT,HOT.

Wayne's been busy. Here these youngsters turned up for a look about.They were up from Hawera.

They were suitably impressed with whats about the Aerodrome.

Luke's Dad is over from Aussie at the Mo. Here Air Vice Marshal Bob taking his right full place in Luke's Flying machine.

Bob will get to try one out on Saturday for real.

John with Wayne had been up in SSF practising his FLWOP this arvo. Doing Fine. Here landing 34.

Luke & Bob just chilling outside where it was a tad cooler.

A nice Puss (JAG) & SSF.

Luke preparing to hit the Sky and practice SOR.

Heading for 34.

Then back in on 34.

Bob with Luke trying SSF on for size.

See Ya.

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