Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tuesday 31st December was HOT 33C at my place Aerodrome not far behind.

BIG CONGRATS to Luke on his SOLO today well done that man.

I suspect by the Grin on his face it went alright.

Wayne looks stoked ya just can't see it.

Arriving back from some Dual with Wayne Luke about to commit SOLO Flight.

There he goes Wayne locking him in so he can't get out.

He's off.

Mission Completed SOLO done & dusted.

After some refreshment he was off again this time outa 16.

Mean while Gary had taken EEF up for a bit as he has more time in her than anybody for some more testing.

This puppy appeared during the day for Gas from the East.

Work on Luke's Sonerai is moving at Pace. Wayne doing some of the Fabrication reqd.

Should be good for painting end of Jan then assembly time.

Luke back in from his consolidation circuits. A moment of contemplation after an EPIC day.

Again well done that man.

Vid's here.

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