Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sat 8th Feb was hot with a building Frisky wind & overcast which burnt off later.

SNW waiting for Wayne to go Flying.

Getting some gas.

SSF ditto. Not long to go as Heading for a look at SAA Fly-in in Hawera.

Lad's preparing themselves for Hawera.

On the Taxi for 09.

Heading South.

SSF being escorted by SNW.

Mountain looking Sulky.

Luke looking happy with himself after arriving Hawera.

One of those shorter X/countries.

Checking out the Flying Machines.

The Cri Cri was in attendance from NP.

Cri Cri Flight Deck.

Cri Cri Specs

Pete, Jim ,Tim & Ralph keeping warm in the Club House They had the Fire Roaring. Yes it was cold in Hawera about 10 degress colder than Stratty which was fairly warm. It was blowing W, SW in Hawera & Easterly in Stratty.......

Some of the Aircraft in attendance.

Below the KIS Cruiser.


SNW & SSF parked up.

Thorp 18


The Murphy Rebel Camp.

Nice 601 UL

Jodel D11 KCD

Jodel D11 DYB. Had a fly in DYB back in the day when owned by Graham F.

Lil Jabiru.

Sonex Rotax powered.

Sonex vast Flight Deck.

Gaggle of Corby Starlets.

Ye ole Auster.

Jodel D11

Luke about to Take Off RWY-25 Hawera.

Heading North to SD.

Another Successful Mission Completed.

Vid's here.

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