Sunday, February 2, 2020

Saturday the 1st of FEB  (Hells Bells already) was a scorcher. well into the mid 30's  at the Aerodrome.

Below is SSF who had strapped on Jason & Wayne.  It was Jason's Flight Test  day for his full Microlight Licence. Looking confident...

Mean whilst he was busy doing that over at Hangar 1 & the Sonerai nest Luke was busy.

Making Plane noise's as ya do.

Taking a break he proceeded to check out the Taylor Mono. Fitting in after extracting 3 pillows.
Well he is a tad higher than Jason.

Over on RWY-27 SSF had arrived back.


Jason a fully Fledged Aviator 

Uncle Wayne looks suitably pleased as well.

So he celebrated by taking the Taylor out for taxi about.

Over at the Minicab Test Pilot Wayne about to head for 27.

Jason looking way more Piloty now.

EEF heading for 27 & the Sky.

Couple Draggers doing there thing.

I tell y man just watch that Floppy thing at the back it will bite ya.

It Fly's 

Back down & Taxing in. Testing Continues.

Luke doing some Taxing in the Taylor or Sonerai Prep.

I think he likes it.

Uncle Wayne checking out he's all good.

Then Luke was away to do some aerial stuff.

Mean while Alan & RSR were doing stuff as well.

Luke had returned and was busy doing Cowl stuff.

RSR had Alan strapped on and out and about.

Then landing 09.

Sunday 2nd Feb was a bit slow only some very nice BRITISH AUTOMOBILES  in attendance.

Vid's Here.

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