Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday 16th Feb was overcast warmish  quite the breeze running well over 25 knots.

Alan had RFD with him and was the first to appear from the RAANZ National Fly-in @ Feilding

Very Grey overcast not the best for taking Photo's but there ya go.

Second in was SNW had Wayne strapped on here arriving in the Overhead.

3rd in was TVG with Gary aboard also arriving in the Overhead.

Landing 27.

4th in was SSF with Luke stuffed inside.

Landed 34 after taking the scenic route. (a story for another day) 

A Greaser Landing to finish the day.

 Luke all on his lonesome. Another X/Country done & dusted and a fine weekend away as well.

The Sue in her Tickford checking the young fella out make sure he's doing it right.

Isobel just chilling.

Mustang on the taxi for 34 heading Ferndene to play with even more wind.

Wayne's got a new plane as he was award Supreme Grand Champion for how pretty SNW is. A fine flying Machine she is that always looks spectacular.

The piece of Paper to prove it.

Vid's here.

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