Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday 9th Feb was HOT.

Mountain looking fine although just about naked.

TVG appeared in the overhead but was heading into Richmond Racing Strip for a Service.

Luke had man handled SSF into number 1 Hanger to do something..... I think he likes to keep her close by.

JPX had hailed John out for a fly about.

EEF out for more test runs bright& early.

JPX on the taxi 09.

JQT appeared in the overhead.

JPX about to blast off 09.

RV-12 on his way North.

An Orange Roughy & a Yellow Fin.

The Starlets & a Sonex heading North Shore

Luke positioning SSF

Quite a few vistors out today.

Pip was out to check things out. Also had the lads in from Kapiti as well.

Chaps & LTJ back in for the day.

Test Pilot Wayne about to head for 27 for another go.

Check out that heat haze.

Gary & DBZ appeared overhead.

EEF about to turn final's

DBZ down 27.

Gaggle flying machines just chilling.

Gary H was in for a bit.

The 601 Club JPX (UL) SSF (XL) DBZ (HD)

Alan was out fiddling with RSR

SSF with her Fan's.

JPX in for Gas.

Sue was down here checking on her girl.

Mean while back at the Ponderosa  Scully was doing some pole sitting in the late afternoon sun.

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