Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thursday 6th was sunny, overcast & a tad breezy from the NW,SW,W.

A bit quite down the Aerodrome today, 

Haven't spotted the Aerodrome Rooster for a bit , But there he was in all his Glory on the Access Road.

Had the Minicab out for a couple runs as a spotter was available

Testing continues but seems promising.

This fella was trucking past on his way to the SAA fly-in at Hawera.

Mountain was a bit Sulky today.

Oscar Chuck Chuck (OCC) arrived in the overhead.

Landed RWY-16

About to blast off 27.

Keri was out pulled plane out then put it away again. SSF enjoying the sun in the meantime.


Luke had some new Spats. The ones on the left were new to but weighed around 31/2 lbs not good (long story) the new ones on the right 520 grams Sweet.

The smoke system tank looking sweet. Rising Sun Floor decals in the back ground looks good.

Luke doing stuff.

Vid's here.

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