Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sat 21st March was not to bad warmish & overcasty.

Mower Captain for the day was Luke.

Elvis was in the building but was not looking to flash.

C-152 ZK-NFO out Wanganui was in for a Touch & Go.

Mountain was being a bit sultry.

Luke's new ride is a Ford Mercury Comet very nice. Running a 289 V8 small block .

Then of course is the Landrover Discovery 1 running a 3.9 V8.

Yes we are burning those nasty Fossil Fuels asa fast as we can to eradicate those Fossil from the planet.

ZK-NFO heading East.

Norfolk crowd were in for Gas.

Oscar Chuck Chuck Chuck was in.

Then the Wilga & Cub were preparing to leave outa 27.

Formation take Off


Mower Captain Luke about to Fuel the Mower. Takes .6 L.

Don has supplied a fuel container now

Gary about to give DBZ a sponge bath.

Gary & DBZ heading to Raglan on his lonesome applying the self isolating Rules.

Alan had the Chev Pick Up out for a blat.

Alan & RFD Ditto same as Gary.

Jason was out to do some flying about. No need to sanitise he was the last one to fly SSF.


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