Saturday, March 7, 2020

Saturday 7th March  started with a nip in the air but soon warmed up.

Gary in DBZ & Alan in RFD heading outa RWY-34 for Raglan for Tea& Tiny cakes.


A special Visitor today our Club Patron Brett & the Vampire passed on by.

Mark was back in this AM landing 27.  When Mark was coming in I looked away for a bit then turned back to look & thought that's moving a bit fast for a Cresco.....Yup it was the Vampire.

Vampire doing it's thing.

Heading South

Cresco Hangar Bound.

Then off again outa 09 heading Wanganui.


Getting rid of some Swarf. Not often ya see a Cresco Farting.

Phil from NP was out today looking to get back into Flying so as I was going for a Fly invited him along for a blat and see if I remember how to do this Flying thing.

Here having a fly about trying SSF out.

It was such an awesome day & so sooooooooooooooooth we thought bugger it might as well head for the Summit

The Central Plateau looking fine this AM.

Just about there.

Phil having a Fly at altitude.

Still bit of Ice between Sharks Tooth & Summit.

A fair crowd up there today around 20 plusish.


Kenny & SND came up to say G'day.





After looking around the Mountain & playing with Kenny we started our decent back to SD.

Back on the Ground for some TOP Shelf Avgas as Jason was gonna shoot of  to Ohakune and back to finish of his Hours.

Phil looking suitably happy after his Fly about.

Team Luke heading our way.

Jason doing his thing checking SSF over.

Well bugger me we got attacked by the Vampire again what a hoot. Twice in one day. Well done that man.
I remember Brett saying she had to be certified again so must be after that a shake down run.

Excellent & Outstanding.

That'll give those Bloody Plovers a run for there money.


Again heading South.

SSF with Jason Strapped in on the taxi for 27 about to weave his way through the Glider Pack.

Kenny & SND arriving back in the overhead.

Jason away 27.

SND landing 27

Alan & RFD appearing back from Raglan.

Ditto for DBZ

Luke's upgraded to a more Suitable Automobile

Much better.

Jason back from points EAST.


Cessna 172 ZK-REV (Straight Tail) is a 172 only before 172A's it's before that.

That's Christine waiting on her Visitors who are outa  Te Awamutu.

Alan was out in RSR so tagged along for a fly about the District here outa 27.

Hello G & W.

Around the West side of the Mountain.

One Tree Hill Taranaki Style.

Looking back to the Poo's

On our way to check out the Big O.


We crashed a Wedding. Did an orbit and gave them a wing waggle.

Mr Symons Transports lil Cottage near the sea.

The Aliens have landed and live up by the Mountain in there lil Pod Houses.

Not much happening at Norfolk Road.

Approach & Overshoot Norfolk.

SH3 looking South.

Nice shot of Aerodrome.

Confirming we in the right place always helps.

RSR Landing 27.

RSR just chilling.


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