Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Some photo's taken during the last week.

First up is the Poo's range looking very interesting as the Sun sets on Sunday.

Mountain finally came out from hiding Sundayafter some Epic rain from Shut down Wed to this last Monday

Scully has been busy doing some pole sitting 

Sunday 29th late afternoon Mountain showing a bit more.


Scully decided to do some more pole sitting stunning evening & was very hot

That was Monday. Tuesday not much different.

Scully Chillaxing on the deck in the late afternoon sun.

The Midhurst Bridge has been chillaxing as well down to a Trickle from Normal Traffic flows

Sunset Sunday

Susie's cycle platform Septic tank top soil view of the Mountain.

Moon from Sunday.

Sunday Night

Morning around 7am Monday

Mountain with good amount of Snow. 


Firewood drying out will be going into shed on the right.

Some good cloud build up's around last few days.

This here CB to the North last night was putting on a pretty good light show.

Sunset Monday night.

Another shot of the Moon Monday night.

Tuesday saw some big build up of clouds off the Mountain.

Now if you are of a Sensitive Nature ya Might wanna be sitting down as yes we have some Pic's of actual AIRCRAFT working as they are part of the Food production Cycle. Yes Mark & the Lads been hard at it making sure the Pasture is right for the Stock to eat and be turned into Burgers.

Good on ya Team.

Our Man on the spot is Luke as he has isolated himself down at the Aero Club for the Duration.

Works well as we have security for Fuel system etc whilst the WX Stn is away on Leave.

Of course can be doing some plane building whilst keeping an eye out for Looters etc.

Be well stay safe & Stay HOME.

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