Monday, March 2, 2020

Sunday 1st March was hot & fine.

The Minicab was out for more engine runs 

Keri had the Cygnet out for a blat round the circuit. Luke & Jason also had a Blat around in her also.

Jason getting ready to head off to Wanganui for the day in SSF.

Cygnet outa 09 fast moving bird to  the right.

Mean while I had gone for main engine start on the Minicab

Gassing up SSF for it's long Journey to Wanganui.

Cygnet landing 27.

Couple Dragger's just chilling.

Cygnet outa 09 again.

Test Pilot Wayne about to taxi 09.

JQT arriving in the overhead.

EEF about to blast off 09.

Testing continues try again in Winter.

SSF mentally preparing herself for her flight to Wanganui.

Sam was out looking to get back into Flying so Gary & DBZ took him for a fly about see if he still liked it.

Taxi for 27

The Ruahpeau

A Blue Cod  (AN-22) & a Yella Fin (Eurofox).

Chaps discussing Sonerai stuff.


Yes he was making appropriate Airplane noise's although slightly off key.

The Central Plateau through the haze.

Sam looks suitably aviated I suspect  he will become friends with SSF.

Busy day all round.

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