Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sunday 18th April is very windy rainy &sunny all at the same time.

John our UK based Corrospondent has sent through some pic's of days of yore.

As you can see they did a trip to NZNP as part of the RAANZ National Fly-in.

As you can see there were still a few open air types about.

Lad's trying out Brett's (PATRON) Vampire as ya do.

That'll be a John.

Sadler Vampire with his big DH Vampire chewing the phat.

The Team back at Stratty.

John advised PPL here came in hot on 34 and needed a drink in the drain alas didn't stop before it got to said drain.

One scene was does not want to see ever. think this is getting up to 20 years ago now.

All good that'll Buff out with a good bit of elbow grease.

If ya have any old pic's send them through so can whack on here whether Stratty or trips away.

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Anonymous said...

The same weekend a bantam crashed as well