Thursday, April 30, 2020

Wed 29th was rather Pleasant WX wise.

Big pointy thing playing with the Sun.

Was down see if young Luke was about and been building that Flying Machine of his.

Mmmmm Flying WX BUGGER.

There was a COMET just Chilling.

The Lads been doing some Gardening.

The girl's just chilling.

Hangar 1 has a friendly Weasal so no real bird problems.


That's Luke's Smoke tank, Fuel Tank  or Beer Tank

Dash's in just some fettling to do.

Another shot of the Girls at Rest.

The chap has been busy sorting out his NACA vent's up at the Bow.

Looking the part.

Your's trully in me Battle fatigues having a sit in the Minicab & making Suitable Noises

The Flight Deck.

Looking out ...Oh a Mustang.

Nice end to a nice day ...2 days in post level 4. WORK.

Wandered over to Hangar 3 all Good over there although the Bird issue as you can see is a bit more intense than Hangar 1 (We have  friendly Weasal in Hangar 1). Hence the Evening Wear.

Although bird Crap didn't seem to be to bad.

Club plane under there somewhere's.

SNW looking good in Pink or though some might call it Light Red.

Mark & the Cresco appearing from the Southwest after spreading essential goodness about the district.

See Ya.

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